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It can be said that Liz’s gateway drug was the glazed donut. Her first stint in rehab was fat camp. Liz learned early to use her humor to disarm and engage others. She also used her struggle with weight as a positive and became a plus size model, from which Liz draws much of her comedy material on body image issues. After deciding to get the gastric bypass procedure at age 23, Liz lost 100 pounds. But what she lost in inches, she gained in alcoholism!
Liz’s progression as an alcoholic was fast and furious; causing her to be convicted of two DUI’s which landed her 1 year in a prison cell and 5 years of state parole. The ability to be funny came in handy with her survival. After release from prison and a relapse that caused two public drunkenness charges, this self-proclaimed “hot mess” was sent, by her parole officer, to rehab. Liz is sober and embracing life in recovery, including celebrating life’s struggles. Liz enjoys sharing her courage through humor, which is honest and vulnerable, giving a little experience, strength, and hope to all audiences.
It may not seem glamorous being fat, sober, and single in her 30s, but Liz and her exuberant likability makes all of life and even its adversities sexy, joyful, and earnestly comical.
Liz has been performing for over 10 years and has performed for comedy clubs, colleges, theaters, and events across the country.

Her self-produced One Night Stand with Liz Russo comedy showcase was a long running hit at Carolines on Broadway in NYC. Liz was also named as a finalist for the return of Star Search, and performed with such comedic greats as Dave Chappelle, Artie Lange, Jim Florentine, Jim Norton, Bobby Kelly, Lisa Landry, Laurie Kilmartin, Jessica Kirson, and Lisa Lampanelli.


"As a last minute surprise, Liz Russo took the stage. She was dirty, sexy, and funny."

-- Review from The Howard Stern Fan Network

“Liz is very funny, not to mention totally adorable! Her self-effacing comedy style is funny and endearing. She has a no-holds barred approach - and I don’t think anything is off limits!”

--Kris R, Courage to Change Club

“I was so very glad to see a funny female on stage. Your comedy bits will, in one way or another, resonate with each and every female in the audience!”

-- Shannon Z., Reading Comedy Outlet

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